Sunday Soother Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

This wonderful monthly series of mini retreats, offers you 3 hours of Sunday delight, from 2pm to 5pm.

We combine the potency of yin yoga practice and yoga nidra meditation and each retreat has a special focus, for example:

Cycles and Seasons  

Exploration around women’s menstrual cycle in relation to the cycles of the moon and the 4 seasons and the physical, emotional and spiritual qualities of each season. From puberty to menopause and beyond. we learn how to harness and cohere with these seasons to maximise the potency of our cycles. When to rest, when to be active.

Total Bliss Out

I’d love to offer you these blue skies, sunshine and hammock but in lieu of that I can offer 3 hours of complete and utter delicious, decadent, blissful relaxation.

Restore and Revitalise 

We will explore our understanding of how traumatic events trigger charged emotion which, unless processed fully, remain stored in the body and create areas of inertia which we then reorganise around. This can lead to chronic pain, distorted beliefs and a general sense of not really living the life we would wish to. We will also consider the physical aspect of the ‘frozen’ part of our nervous system, which again can lead to chronic pain, or manifest as anxiety or depression.

Flower Power

This session will include an introduction to flower essences and the powerful healing they offer. We settle into the afternoon by exploring the essences and the invitation to take some if you wish, followed by our practice of yin yoga and yoga nidra meditation.


This will give you a flavour of the Sunday Soother series.  I tend to set up Facebook events for each one, or drop me an email to find out when the next one is and to book your place.

I supply all the mats, bolsters and blocks and all this for only £30 paid at time of booking.  We are small friendly informal groups.


07928 995653