Alongside offering The Quiet Way therapy, I work as a holistic massage therapist and energy healer and to put it quite simply, I love my work!  To be with people at their most vulnerable, to know that they trust me enough to drop the daily mask we take with us through us each day and to open up, revealing what lies beneath, is truly humbling.

Over my 20 years of clinical experience I have treated hundreds of people. I could list the array of ‘conditions’ or ‘illnesses’  I have ‘treated’, we can talk of back pain, tight shoulders, headaches, migraines, gynecology, digestive, neurological diagnoses, the things that people have presented to me with,  but we must go deeper and broader, holistic in our view of self and others.  We are awesome and incredible, we are more than this body system or that body system, we are greater than the symptoms.

I have seen suffering ease, pain vanish, sleep return, transformation, growth and a massive boost in well-being. People can laugh or cry during our sessions. Of course we address the aching back or tight shoulder and then we go beyond that, we look at lifestyle, emotions, habitual responses, energetic influences and spiritual dimensions.

The further along this path I have gone with both my own health and well-being, the further I stray from a reductionist approach to humanity. We must consider all the elements that impact our health: our environment, our quality and range of nutritious food, our time given over to work, rest and play.  We consider all of these aspects and whilst bodywork modalities are my way in, our conversation covers these areas.  Without doubt this approach leads to change, dropping that which no longer serves us and creating a new paradigm for our lives.  Or we can continue with the aching back and tight shoulders, the choice is of course ours to make!

Since completing the BSc degree in Health Sciences and Complementary Therapies in 2000, I have continued post graduate training to advanced level in all modalities. Current therapies include:


Deep tissue massage

Cranio-sacral bodywork

Indian head massage


Thai foot massage

Thai yoga massage

Spiritual healing

In May of 2017 I started a Diploma course in Quantum Botanicals, an inspiring and considered approach to plant and vibrational medicine. So do not be surprised if I start to offer a home made flower essence, balm or rub to take away to continue the process we initiated in the treatment room.

I am happy to speak with you prior to making an appointment.  That you feel a connection to me and the approach I take is very important. This will enable you to trust me and we can then do great work together.  I am blessed to sit within a community of therapists, so if don’t quite match, I could refer you to someone better suited.

I really look forward to seeing you soon.


Prior to any treatment, a consultation is taken and we review your medical history. For minors (under 18 years of age), or those where there are known concerns around capacity or consent, a parent, guardian, carer or advocate (who can give a medical history on their behalf), must attend and stay present during the treatment.

On occasion, it may be necessary to consult with your GP, Consultant or other medical professional, prior to a therapy being given.

24 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise a fee will be charged. Failure to pay the fee, or to repeatedly cancel appointments will result in no further appointments being offered.