The Quiet Way – A Therapeutic Approach for Massage Therapists describes a therapeutic approach for holistic massage practitioners and bodyworkers working in cancer and palliative care, trauma care, or those with chronic health conditions, stress, anxiety, habitual responses or ancestral inheritance.

This CPD postgraduate training is focused on:

  • refined practical exercises to develop self
  • sophisticated practical exercises to develop an enquiry style of intuitive and listening palpation
  • cultivated ideas on how to blend this approach with the range of massage techniques you are already familiar with
  • adapting the therapy to suit the patient/client group you work with

We take time to explore sensory developmental techniques and space for reflection, discussion and sharing. We talk through the signs of symptoms of manifesting trauma, clinical and practical issues in cancer care and I can further adapt this aspect of the course for your specific patient/client needs.

We also take the time to explore how to prepare ourselves and the treatment space for the day ahead and review how we gather information during the initial consultation and the importance of reflective practice.

The training is over 4 days, 2 x 2 days with 3 to 4 weeks inbetween to give time for a small amount of case studies to be completed.  There is short practical on the afternoon of the 4th day.

A comprehensive manual is included in the course.

The days are informal and expansive and limited in number to ensure individual attention.

Course dates:

27th/28th January 2018 and 17th/18th February 2018  held at The Hearne Osteopathic Practice in Reading

8th/9th September 2018 and 6th/7th October 2018 held at The Unity Studio in Brighton


1:1 and 1:2 private tuition is available and we often complete training in 12 hours or 2 days.  Please call me to discuss further.