Awakening Leadership Training, September 2019

I am ready to expand the Quiet Way into the corporate world in a meaningful way, blending the holistic and neurobiology principles along with the teachings from the Awakening Leadership Programme , commencing September 2019 in Thailand. 

In today’s shifting paradigms, we are moving away from the outdated autocratic management styles, towards empathetic authentic leadership. I realise some in the corporate world might find taking meaningful action difficult, or perhaps are unsure where to start.

Your contribution will enable me to train leaders to deliver their vision of a healthy, inspiring, dynamic and sustainable organisation. 

In return, I am able to offer a scale of discounted rates on training days, consultations or mentorship. If that is of particular interest to you, please message and we can talk further. For example a donation of £650 would reward you with 1 full day of training, bespoke for your particular needs. 

If you felt unable to make a donation, but would still like to support me, perhaps you could share this page with your friends, family and colleagues. 

My grateful thanks, Jayne