The Quiet Way

The Quiet Way therapeutic approach to bodywork and wellbeing offers an integrated perspective, which understands and pays attention to individuals as a whole person, our relationship to self, others and the environment, the food we eat, our ancestral history and both the spoken and unspoken stories and narrative that weave the threads of our lives.

In relation to trauma, we pay attention to that place where we have become stuck or frozen in our primitive responses to painful life events.  Inertia in our system is caused when we are unable to release the impact of trauma, to fully move through the physical and emotional reactions to our life experiences.

All of which can be translated into experiencing a range of symptoms such as: headaches, chronic muscular or joint pain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia or a feeling of not living our lives to the fullest, being stuck somehow.

Over the years I have found that if we receive a mix and match of massage or energy healing alongside: psychological therapies (counselling, listening), breathwork, hypnotherapy, EMDR, flower remedies, aromatherapy, nutrition or the various other forms of support that are available, it will give us the best chance of easing pain and if we can remain curious about what works for us, (and this may change over time) we may well experience an increase in peace and happiness.

Prior to treatment, a consultation is taken and review of your medical history. For minors (under 18 years of age), or those where there are known concerns around capacity or consent, a parent, guardian, carer or advocate (who can give a medical history on their behalf), must attend and stay present during the treatment.

On occasion, it may be necessary to consult with your GP, Consultant or other medical professional, prior to a therapy being given.

48 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise a fee may be charged.