Aromatherapy – Aromastick

Aromasticks are a great way to deliver essential oils. They can be easily made up and tailored to suit the individual. Each time the aromastick is used, a relaxation response builds. A key skill to achieving a calmer state is the capacity to self sooth and the aromastick enables us to do this.

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Perforations in the top of the inner tube allow the oils to be inhaled as needed and the outer protective cover enables the aromastick to be carried around in your pocket or handbag.

We will go though a consultation and identify your key concerns. I then select various essential oils and offer them to you to assess you response. You’ll select your favourite, up to a maximum of 3. I will then blend the essential oils, make up the aromastick and talk you through how to use it.

Aromasticks can be used for a range of symptoms and maybe beneficial in:
·         reducing stress and anxiety
·         helping to manage difficult situations
·         those undergoing treatment for cancer
·         ease insomnia