Seated Chair Massage

Seated acupressure massage (sometimes also called on-site massage) is based on the traditional Japanese acupressure technique called anma. Anma is Japanese for ‘press and rub’.

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This massage is received whilst you are fully dressed, sitting on an ergonomically designed massage chair. You rest your forehead on a thickly padded head rest with your arms comfortably relaxed on the arm rest.

I will use deep pressure, massage and kneading techniques on your back, neck, shoulders, arms and head. The result is that muscles relax and tension is released and this is turn can increase the range of movement of the neck and shoulders.

Seated acupressure massage is excellent for:

  • relieving stress and tension
  • easing backache, repetitive strain injury, headaches, migraines
  • reducing anxiety and insomnia
  • leaving you feel refreshed and invigorated