“Jayne was my last treatment and [she] used a combination of cranio-sacral and reflexology that left me strong and grounded – ready to return to the outside world.”

“Jayne gave some great advice and listened to me very well.”

“Very positive! Your touch is incredibly non-judgemental.”

“Jayne is fantastic. Much deeper than first appearance. I loved my treatment. For a first timer at Puyssentut I thought she fitted in very seamlessly.”

“I found my session with Jayne very helpful – the massage and reflexology felt excellent and she also advised me about someone who might be able to help me with my arm problem.”

“Was great. Love attention and know how.”

“A healing massage which I enjoyed very much. A welcome part of my Puyssentut experience.”

Puyssentut Restore and Revitalise Retreat, France. May 2016