I have been suffering from anxiety for many years and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt with Jayne so quickly.  She made me feel safe and I really enjoyed the back, neck and shoulder massage.  I have signed up for 4 treatments to help get rid of the tension and I think I will carry on afterwards.


It’s as though you are listening with your hands to what my body is saying inside. You seem to know when to use more pressure and when not too. You seem to read my mind. Thank you for making me feel better.


I’ve just finished 6 weeks of mindful yin yoga classes with Jayne and am feeling great. Small group size is lovely, and the location helps to create peaceful environment (along with Jayne!).  I have practiced yoga for 6 years and right now yin is perfect for my mind and body. I still practice other forms of yoga too.  Jayne has so much experience and is such a great teacher. The small group size is key. Thank you Jayne


I have just finished the 6 week therapeutic yin yoga and yoga nidra course with Jayne.  Wow, is all I can say!  The course was so much more than learning about yin yoga and yoga nidra, Jayne offered a range of other health and wellbeing advice and spiritual insight.  She listened to each of us and adapted the sessions so it was just right and addressed our concerns.  At the start I thought I wanted to achieve certain things, but as the weeks went by, it was clear I needed to just slow down a bit and smell the roses as it were. I managed to have a thai foot massage during the course as well, which was just wonderful (and my first massage). If you are looking to make changes in your life or just have 2 hours a week of ‘quiet time’ then this is the course for you.  The return on the investment is immeasurable. Thank you Jayne!