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The Quiet Way

The Quiet Way offers an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.

An integrated approach focuses on the whole person including our physical, psychological, and spiritual needs and recognises that there are multiple influences on our health, such as the food we eat, the environment and our genetic and ancestral history.

Along with this, many of us live life at a fast pace, with many responsibilities. We will experience significant life events, or trauma in some form, and whilst we are designed to adapt to this, over a period of time, we can become exhausted, and this may lead to sub optimal health and eventually, illness.

The therapies I offer work in many ways. Through our nervous system, we trigger the relaxation response and increase vagal tone, allowing it to return to its natural resting state and blood pressure, heart rate, digestive functioning, and hormonal levels return to normal.

Through our fascial continuum, a connective tissue that protects and infuses muscle, bone, ligaments and tendons, we release tension and holding patterns which will improve our range of movement and reduce pain. Through our subtle energy systems, we create an environment that allows a repatterning of energy habits to improve vitality and overall wellbeing.

We know that prioritising our health and wellbeing is important. Whether we spend ten minutes a day, an hour a week, or more, we are improving the quality of our lives, our peace of mind and our ability to cope with all of life’s stresses.