Jayne Doyle is a leader in natural medicine and an intuitive healer. She has helped me with a chronic back problem that no longer exists giving me the freedom to do many physical things I thought I could no longer do.


More recently, I have completed The Quiet Way training with the incredible therapist Jayne Doyle and was able to do this on a 1:1 basis.

The Quiet Way is a therapeutic approach to bodywork which focuses on developing and using a sophisticated, listening style of touch, blended within a massage. This approach to touch reassures you that you are safe and so provides an opportunity for trauma held in the body to be released.

I was so honoured to be taught by Jayne and feel privileged to offer these techniques as part of my massage practice.


I have just completed a 6 week 1:1 Wellness course with Jayne. This followed months of treatment for cancer and my aim was to get my body and mind back to full strength.

The holistic approach of the sessions exceeded my expectations. Jayne gave specific, actionable weekly advice on many things, including an anti inflammatory diet, potential supplements, mindfulness, the use of essential oils and of course yin yoga practices that addressed my actual problems. Each session also included a massage or reflexology to help relax and re-balance my body.

At the end of the six weeks I am sad to not have the weekly sessions with Jayne but happy to feel so much stronger and confident that I am equipped to continue my journey to full health. I look forward to attending the weekly yin classes to keep me on track.


I have been having problems with insomnia for months and had heard about reflexology.  Jayne was friendly and really listened to me.  I was a bit nervous about having reflexology, but it was totally fine and I did sleep well that night.  Thank you Jayne.