sunlight filtering through tree calming image

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2019

A few days on a rainy beach in southern Thailand followed the work at Elephant Nature Park, then a fond farewell to Thailand to begin the Cambodian adventure.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I was captivated. The smell of the country so different to Thailand, an intoxicating aroma and I felt at ease immediately.

Diving straight into exploration with a road and boat trip to visit a floating village in Tonle Sap lake, just outside Siem Reap. There has been a community of families living here for hundreds of years. Life has got tougher with climate change and receeding water meaning more time and work to go fishing, so tourism is becoming increasingly valubale to them. The tour was perfectly timed to arrive in the middle of the lake for sunset. Engines off. The stillness and majesty of nature.

The following few days were taken with tours of temples. The first of 2 reasons for coming to Cambodia. Angkor Wat of course, the largest religious monument in the world, a world UNESCO site. If you follow me on Facebook or Instgram, you will have already seen many photographs. A very special site, with complex history of Hinduism and Buddhism. Stunning and a wonderful place for meditation and contemplation.

And to complete the time in Siem Reap, a national 2 day Water Festival of Abudance and a full moon. A jubilant, over excited atmosphere, with non stop boat racing, music, food and laughter. Siem Reap I adore you.