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Awakening Leadership Training Programme. Thailand, September 2019

Awakening Leadership Training weaves inner transformation and societal understanding with techniques for community building and effective mindful leadership. It provides space for dialogue, reflection and contemplation on the deep questions facing humanity and our planet. The learning process emphasises inner cultivation as a foundation for fostering new paradigm leadership.

Humans and other living beings have been facing serious crises across the globe for decades: climate change and the increasing rate of natural disasters, ecological destruction, violent conflicts between nations and groups, poverty and hunger, loneliness and meaninglessness in modern life, etc.

We need to understand and holistically analyse the root causes of these crises at macro and micro levels. To address this, workshops will cover cultural issues and paradigm shifts, mindfulness practice, self-discovery through healing of internal wounds. Meditation, body movement practices and mindfulness will be part of the daily schedule to enhance self-cultivation as an important part of new paradigm education.

Learning Modules

These modules have been inspiring and thought provoking. The beautiful and peaceful setting of Wongsanit Ashram (an hour or so outside Bangkok, Thailand) the delicious food and other participants, have blended together to support the process of going inward to develop awareness, alongside intense intellectual debate on current world crises and the possibile ways forward.

I very much look forward to sharing with you on my return to the UK, through a series of new workshops and trainings that I am currently developing. These will be based on my current work and go even deeper, with time to explore and reflect on your relationship with self and others, letting go of that which no longer serves you and living a content, healthy life.