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The Christie NHS Trust Manchester, 2012 to 2013

When my journey began into the world of cancer care in 2011, I wanted to find robust post graduate training in complementary therapies to ensure safe practice. I was surprised to find no specialised training for paediatric oncology complementary therapies in the UK, but in my search came across a diploma course in ‘Adapting Complementary Therapies for Cancer and Supportive Care’ at The Christie NHS Trust in Manchester.


I immediately signed up for the diploma, under the guidance of Dr Peter Mackereth (pictured above) and Ann Carter and enjoyed a range of training in practical and clinical aspects of cancer pathogenesis and treatment, adapting massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, cognitive behavioural technique and other techniques to help sooth and ease stress, tension, anxiety and pain for patients (see blog post for more detailed discussion around Complementary Therapies in Cancer and Palliative Care).

We had to complete assignments around critiquing a randomised controlled trial, a reflective paper and a case study (for which my 6 year old nephew kindly consented) and I was delighted to be awarded a Distinction.

cancer care cert 001

with some great feedback:

Cancer Diploma marking sheet 2013 001

I went onto qualifying in the HEARTS process after I completed the diploma, which is blended approach of hands on, empathy, aromatherapy, touch and voice, all designed to sooth those in anxiety state.

HEARTS Practitoner certificate 001

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