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Healing Hands in Sarajveo, 2013

Returning to Sarajevo, Bosnia is always a treat. Despite the years or war and fighting, it always feels a very peaceful city. I like the simple approach to life, the value people place of being together, drinking coffee and striving for happiness. Of course there are well known branded shops in areas of the city and clearly a place of international sporting achievement, but I prefer to be in the old city, the turkish quarters.

2013 saw a new home for the charity and a different perspective of the city. We’d also a new outreach centre to explore and new people to meet. I love seeing old friends and making new ones. I love going for a run in the evening after a long day of treatments, watching people talk their evening walk, perhaps a secret meeting to hold hands, or simply to be.

The therapists I work alongside are awesome, fabulous healers, generous with their time, hearts and skills and I adore being with them. We support each other during the day at work and home in the evening, eating together, having a glass of wine and visiting places around the city.

Catherine and I managed to visit the Bosnian Pyramids this year as a couple of the photographs above attempt to show. It was a glorious sunny day for our visit as we toured the site and went deep underground to a spot of potent healing energy, where may visit to bring relief to their suffering.


Moving to full time work within the NHS soon after this visit in 2013, saw me leaving Healing Hands Network. Without doubt I will return to Bosnia, I’ve fallen in love and my future goal remains to work alongside other organisations, in other areas of the world, to ease pain and suffering as a result of war or natural disaster.

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