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Endure 24, Ultra run event and Massagathon

An interesting email reached my inbox in mid June, containing a request for a massage therapist to work with the Misfits team at Endure 24. The award winning Mizuno event is like Glastonbury for runners, it’s a 24 hour running party in the woods. Free camping for runners, friends, family and support crews.

Mizuno Endure24 is a unique event in the running calendar, it mixes serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race. Virtually anyone of any ability level can take part and enjoy a challenging but rewarding weekend of trail running. The five mile race route through Wasing Woods, Aldermaston is incredibly scenic and ends with a loop around the campsite.

As a runner, I was really interested and said yes to working with the team as their own massage therapist. I hadn’t fully realised I would also be working for 24 hours, so it became my own 24 hour massagathon and I managed to give 24 massages in 24 hours! There were a lot of tight backs, gluts, hams, quads, calves, achilles and feet.


What a fantastic event, combining running, massage, team spirit and stamina for all concerned. The team I massaged were amazing and achieved their goals. The longest distance run was 135 miles, inspiring. I was worn out after and experienced DOMS in my lower arms for a couple of days, but some self massage, floating and rest saw me back to work and fully inspired to compete as a runner next year!

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