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Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Angkor Wat National Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia 2019

The natural follow on from visiting the spiritual temples at Angkor Wat was to immerse in practice again, with an integral yoga meditation retreat, nestled in the jungle within a trditional Cambodia village. At Hariharalaya, the focus was to develop the skills to live a balanced and inspired life through yoga practice – asana, breathing … Read more

Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2019

A few days on a rainy beach in southern Thailand followed the work at Elephant Nature Park, then a fond farewell to Thailand to begin the Cambodian adventure. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I was captivated. The smell of the country so different to Thailand, an intoxicating aroma and I felt at … Read more

Working at the Elephant Nature Park. Chiang Mai, Thailand 2019

From working with anxiety and trauma in humans, to working with elephants. A dream come true to be this close to them and care for them. Sadly, each and every elephant that is caught from the wild and used by humans, either in illegal logging, the tourist trade, circus acts, forced breeding or for their … Read more

Wat Pho, Bangkok and massage in Chiang Mai. Thailand 2019

After the meditation retreat I travelled back to Bangkok and had time to visit the wondeful Wat Pho and Reclining Buddha before heading north to Chiang Mai. I adore the Reclining Buddha, last visited 27 years ago. Wat is the Thai name for temple and Wat Pho is the largest in Bangkok, next to the … Read more

Awakening Leadership Training Programme. Thailand, September 2019

Awakening Leadership Training weaves inner transformation and societal understanding with techniques for community building and effective mindful leadership. It provides space for dialogue, reflection and contemplation on the deep questions facing humanity and our planet. The learning process emphasises inner cultivation as a foundation for fostering new paradigm leadership. Humans and other living beings have been facing … Read more

Massage therapy, energy healing, yin yoga and meditation at Suryalila Retreat Centre, Andalusia, Spain

Suryalila Yoga Retreat Centre is in the heart of Andalusia, Southern Spain with an international reputation. I have had the pleasure of working here since 1st September 2016, offering bespoke massage treatments, blending deep tissue, myofascial, craniosacral bodywork, thai massage techniques and energy work to enable release of a range of muscular issues, chronic pain … Read more

Healing Hands in Sarajveo, 2013

Returning to Sarajevo, Bosnia is always a treat. Despite the years or war and fighting, it always feels a very peaceful city. I like the simple approach to life, the value people place of being together, drinking coffee and striving for happiness. Of course there are well known branded shops in areas of the city … Read more

Srebrenica, Bosnia 2011

I have done a lot of travelling in my time, but have never felt so vulnerable and wanting to leave a place as I did when I stepped off the bus in Srebrenica. Knowing what had happened there, the unspeakable atrocities, the violence and having treated refugees in Sarajevo all combined to making me feel … Read more

Bosnia, 2010

  A therapist’s story I first heard of the charity Healing Hands Network several years ago, when a friend of mine went out to Sarajevo, Bosnia under their banner, to offer massage to those affected by the war in the 1990s. I was very touched by her experience and felt it was a good cause … Read more

Yin Yoga Retreat, Solterreno, Spain 2016

Spending a week in the Spanish mountains, with background sounds being that of the birds, bees and a gentle breeze, 10 hours daily practice of meditation, yin yoga and yin yoga theory, georgous company and stunning vegan food, what more could you wish for?? Nothing! I was indeed that lucky person who had that week … Read more